Sarsilmaz Silah was founded in 1880 and has more than 140 years of firearms manufacturing expertise. We are respected around the globe for our high-quality small arms, innovative engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Sarsilmaz Silah continually relies on heavy-duty research and development to bring new firearms products to the market.SAR USA is expected to become one of the leading firearm companies in America, thanks to our commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence. SAR USA is more than just your average importer we are a company dedicated to exceptional firearms that deliver durability, dependability, and power.

SAR USA Handguns are known for their amazing performances. Check out some of our popular choices such as SAR USA 9,SAR USA B6,SAR USA B6C,SAR USA CM9,SAR USA K2,SAR USA P8L, SAR USA 2000 and many more amazing firearms.

The classic SAR 9 pistol went through rigorous testing before hitting the shelves, enduring 150,000 rounds of live fire in the factory. This polymer framed, striker-fired pistol is a favorite among shooting enthusiasts for its durability, accuracy, and power.The SAR B6 series is the foundation of the SAR USA polymer framed pistols. It is a consistent favorite of law enforcement around the world, delivering the perfect features and frame for personal protection or a compact carry firearm. What sets the SAR ST9 apart is its countless incredible features and upgrades. Some of those include an ambidextrous magazine release, a frame safety, and a Picatinny rail frame. A perfect example of SAR USA precision machinery is the SAR USA K2 45. This rugged pistol has a crowned barrel for improved accuracy, adjustable sights for customized shooting, and a Picatinny rail so shooters can add their favorite accessories.If you want reliability for life, you need one the 2000 Series of pistols from SAR USA. With a forged steel body, barrel, and slide, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything else that compares in durability.